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The Deutsche Uhrenstrasse

The 320km long „Deutsche Uhrenstrasse“ (German Clock Road) runs through the middle of the Southern Black Forest, alongside Black Forest farms, green meadows and forests and clear streams. Visitors can sample traditional local specialities such as Schwarzwälder Schinken and oven fresh farmers bread in the cosy guesthouses in the quaint villages. Or you can treat yourself to a coffee and slice of Black Forest gateau.

The Uhrenstrasse leads through many museums and factories, where the history and everything worth knowing about the Black Forest clock can be discovered and experienced. Of course, regardless of taste, there is always the opportunity to purchase a cuckoo clock, due to the multitude of clocks on offer.
The largest cuckoo clocks in the world are a particular experience for both young and old, which can be found in Schonach and in the Eble Uhren-Park. Both can be viewed even from the inside and are characterised by their oversized movement (3.6m x 3.1m and 4.5m x 4.5m respectively).

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